Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some day...

Some day,
When I meet you
I want to tell you
Of the journey that brought me to you
Of all the places I've been to
And the people I've met
Countless stories I have to tell
Of hilarity of joy and some tears shed
But when I do meet you
Before I do tell
Just hold me
And let me catch my breath
And gather my thoughts.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Paridhi aur atthhahas

A few tough questions

When is it OK
to draw our battle lines,
and take a stand?

When is it OK
to quit
and take the easiest way out ?

Was it stupid to object
to something that was part of the accepted ?
or, did I see something
that every one missed ?

Did they really?
Was it missed
or was it a concious decision on their part?
To ignore it and live with it.

When is it OK
to decide not to live with something?

We all work hard for the things we achieve.
At times, its not just our labor,
but also the dreams and aspirations of our loved ones.

Is it OK
for us to decide like individuals
That we can't live with something and quit?

Aren't we throwing away something
that isn't ours alone?

Whom do I write for?

Whom do I write for?
and why?
for, the thoughts, that churn within my head,
continue to do so, long after the words are written and forgotton.
No deity to retain the resultant venom,
it only turns my mood to various shades of grey.