Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The word not given

I never promised to survive on the memories of your love,
yet, on a hot muggy morning,
I can think of those moments
and break into a mile long smile.
Why am I living a word, I never gave.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

How much does rejection cost?

Do you love me?
I ask my teddy bear every morning.
"off course , you know, I don't. "
Yet, it lies there on my bed
and every night we dance the same tango.
With me collapsing into my comforter without a goodnight,
tossing and turning to find a comfortable position,
and returning eventually to that old hug.
Only to wake up next morning to its brown furry face
and those glassy eyes.
One would think, that, 6 yrs down the road,
a 10 buck IKEA teddy has outlived its utility,
but, I guess it's got years of hugs and "off course nots" hidden within .

Saturday, March 24, 2007

An attempt at translation

Munni ne ugaya ek daanth
Phir do aur chaar aur phir paanch
Aur phir wo chahe choosna ganna apne aap
turanth hi seekhegi wo kuch bol
Aur chhalti jayegi apni hi ek dagar
Tumhare or tumhari patni ke kesh hue shwet
Hriday mein paschataap kintu kinchit nahin
Aakhir pita ka dayitva hi toh nibhaya
Thak chuke hain charan tumhare, ho rahi hai saanjh
Aur bitiya tumhari ho gayi badi

The original

A little tooth
by Thomas Lux

Your baby grows a tooth, then two,
and four, and five, then she wants some meat
directly from the bone. It's all

over: she'll learn some words, she'll fall
in love with cretins, dolts, a sweet
talker on his way to jail. And you,

your wife, get old, flyblown, and rue
nothing. You did, you loved, your feet
are sore. It's dusk. Your daughter's tall.
From New and Selected Poems, 1975-1995, published by Houghton Mifflin, 1997.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kal bhi, aaj bhi, kal bhi...........

Kuch boondein
os ki
aur, ek pyas
Kal bhi
aaj bhi
kal bhi

boond os ki,
chadte din ki.
Kal bhi
aaj bhi
kal bhi.

maru bhoomi ki,
kinchit atrupt.
Kal bhi
aaj bhi
kal bhi.

Boond os ki
din prati din
nit nayi
Kal bhi
aaj bhi
kal bhi.

Os: dewdrop
samidha: the kindling used in a havan (samagri)
atrupt: unsatisfied, unfulfilled
kinchit: maybe
marubhoomi : desert

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sab wahi, phir bhi nahin

Deewarein wahi
Tasveerein wahi,
Phir bhi vey rang badalti see kyon hain

Aine mein mera chehra wahi
Per rangat badli se kyon hai

Muddaton ke baad khuli hai ek khidki,
Phoolon se chhan kar aati dhoop,
Apne saath le ayi hai,
Bheetar, kuch rang naye.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


A dreamcatcher hanging over my head,
Whenver I sleep,
Yet, nightmares are the only ones I see.
Is the legend false,
Or is the dreamcatcher helpless.
Do I dare to check if it is trapping
Worst nightmares than the ones I see.

On belonging

Who does one really belong to?
One self primarily, one might think.
But , does one really?
Is that really belonging,
Or a longing,
A keening yearning,
That has no name, no shape
and yet, has a large lingering presence
In one’s dreamless nights.
Again, who does one really belong to?