Sunday, August 14, 2005

Quest for sound

I don't like silence
neither do I like the sounds around me.
So I run,
from sounds to silence,
from silence to sound.
Craving, looking and running,
to and fro,
back and forth,
between quiet and crescendo,
my ears thirsting
for a symphony of their liking.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

an emotion divided

On my way to the cafe today,
I found a butterfly wing.
Now, I feel an emotion divided.
On one hand, I feel pity,
for the small creature, that lost its life and flight,
on the other hand,
I can’t help but feel,
a surge of hope.
I am hopefully,
another wing away ,
from taking flight.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

On a much awaited trip

I’ve thought of you often enough,
I wish you’d come for me
And take me away.
I know you are the only certainty
In this life of mine.
Why must I still wait?
I have in readiness,
The coins for my ride across
Will you still not come for me?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lost words

I am looking for my words
They slipped away
from the attic of my mind,
one by one.

They were beautiful.
They flowed.
They glistened with light and glory,
and, often times had a lilt.

Small words
Smart words
Salutary words
Rapier sharp, acerbic words

Alas, I decided to be quite for a while.
I stored my words away.
Evidently, they did not like,
the quite prison of my mind.

Seeking expression,
to shine once again,
in their verbose glory,
have made their way ,
out of my mind.


We are all lost
in the catacombs of our memory.
Life is a saga of
you remember when.................?
and questions like what if.........?
Etched in our memories,
is a map
of what our life has been.
And may be , a clue
to what it’ll be.
We all traverse these dark tunnels often enough.
At times, lost,
and at times, sure of the rhythm of our feet.
But, travel we must.
For these lanes of our past,
beckon us again and again.
And even as we walk towards tomorrow,
in our minds eye,
We are looking at yesterday.

Kuch ansuni kahaniyan

Mere man mein ek shor hai,
kuch kahaniyan hain,
jo sunvayi chahati hain.

Ankhon se jhanktee ye kahaniyan,
Hothon tak aati hai kisi ko aata dekh.
Ye ummeed lekar ki sunvayi hogi.
dari sehmi si ye kahaniyan,
laut jati hain phir se,
man ke andhere kaune main.

samay ke saath
badthi jaati hain kahaniyan
badhta hai shabd se shabd ka takrav
aur badhta hai ..............
mere man ka shor